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I am Narain, your guide.

Together you and I we’ll take a virtual trip around to discover the best authentic Mauritius has to offer, both to visiting tourists as well as to local folks.

You see, our tiny piece of land nestled in the middle of the Indian Ocean and often portrayed as Paradise Island is indeed one of the topmost tourist destinations.

Without a smidgeon of doubt our island is the lollapalooza of tropical island vacations.

Mauritius - The Paradise Island

Spectacular beaches of soft white sand, gin-like crystal clear waters, gentle cool breezes of swaying casuarinas along with inviting warm turquoise lagoons – all enhanced by exotic twilights and enlivening sunrises are the typical characteristics of coastal Mauritius.

Mon Choisy Beach, Mauritius

Mon Choisy Beach

The variety of deep-sea fauna is exuberant.

Lush sugar cane fields with picturesque mountain peaks backdrops are recurrent themes in the sunny regions. On the high plateau verdant tea cultivations sit majestically in the cooler climate.

And what about forest you may wonder! After all we are in a tropical island.

Our indigenous forests, mostly on the central plateau, cover only a small portion of the country. A hike across the greenwood, redolent of endemic and coniferous trees, enlivens oneself around a seamless fusion of magical delight and relaxation.

On various spots of the forests you’ll be gifted with enthralling panoramic views of luxuriant green gorges and distant shimmering blue sea.

A Delightful Creole Culture Mix

Paradise Island is a very colorful country in terms of its panorama and eyesome folkloric variety.

Girl Mauritius Paradise Island
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People from various part of the world have come to inhabit and shape this cosmopolitan island. It is oft said that you can see faces from all over the world here.

Cultural and religious traditions inherited from our ancestors coming from Africa, Britain, China, France, India and Madagascar diffuse an osmotic co-existence and lifestyle.

We live together in unified harmony and it is with pride that we respect each other’s customs and culture.

From a distance vantage, this peaceful and rich ethnic diversity is fascinating.

But our real Mauritian identity revolves around a Creole culture; a delicate and subtle mixture of races and aspirations towards a patriotic nation along the line of a journey of individuation.

Tinted by a subtle American modernism, this Creole culture mix is also underpinned by an elusive insular Latino-Antilles style jollity.

Smile. . . . :-)

Besides sand, sun and sea you will be delighted by the spontaneous friendly smile and revered hospitality of the Mauritian People.

It is the unmatched reflection of our true love and sincere caring to treat people in their natural well-being; almost a way of life!

A harmonious blend of appetizing of Indian, Chinese and Creole cuisines can only add to your merriment.

As you travel around in the land of the extinct dodo bird, here and there you’ll hear the rhythmic Sega songs and music.

At the seaside, in festivities and in hotels you can appreciate or even participate in the pulsating and accompanying dance.

Dressed in flamboyant chiffon and cotton skirts, the women will entice their male partners in a seductive cadenced hip swaying and shuffling barefoot ballet. While undulating their long skirts, the damsels will mimic the scene of elusively offering themselves blended with an air of ambiguous nonchalance.

Mauritius Sega DanceSega Dance
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The settings of the Sega dance are reminiscence of entrancing night fêtes champêtres of the African slaves who were brought in here long ago.

Mauritius is a land of lively contrasts and has much more than exotic beaches and translucent azure lagoons to offer. No doubt your experience here will linger for a long time your memory.

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