Mauritius Visa Requirements

Only the Immigration Office, Embassy or Consular of Mauritius can issue a Mauritius Visa.

This document officially acknowledges that a person’s application to enter Mauritius has been:-

  • reviewed by an Immigration Officer and
  • the Officer has determined that the person is eligible to enter or transit in the country for a specific purpose.

It should be noted that the visa issued does not, per se, guarantee right of admission to Mauritius. It is just an official document which allows a non-citizen to travel up to a port of entry.

The onus to admit a foreigner as well as deciding how long that person can stay for any particular visit is on the Immigration Officer after examination at the point of entry.

► Visas and extensions of stay are issued free of charge.

Categories Of Persons Who Are Exempted From Visa Regulations

  • Persons who are residents of Mauritius under the Immigration Act;
  • Holders of Diplomatic Passports other than those issued by the Government of Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, and Yemen;
  • Crew of a vessel travelling on duty or in transit to join another vessel;
  • Holders of Laissez-passer issued by the United Nations, SADC or from other internationally recognized organizations and
  • Persons who intend to remain in Mauritius only during the stay of a vessel by which they arrive and depart.

Who Needs A Visa?

All persons coming to Mauritius:-

  • for purposes other than tourism, visit or business need to apply for a visa/permit before undertaking any travel.
  • from countries which are not exempted from visa requirements.

► Non-citizens coming from over 100 countries are exempted from visa requirements.

Among these countries are. . .

Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy Kenya, Kuwait, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Qatar, Russian Federation, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Where To Apply For A Mauritius Visa?

A non-citizen traveling to Mauritius from countries which are not exempted from visa requirements should apply for same prior travel.

The applicant should submit the following documents on application:-

  • a duly filled and signed  “Application For A Visa For Mauritius” form.
  • two recent passport-size photos
  • photocopy of the data pages of applicant’s passport.
  • a copy of the Residence Permit if the applicants is not residing in his/her country of origin. The permit should be valid for at least three months after proposed date of departure from Mauritius.

For business visa, applicant should also submit a letter from local sponsor/company.

► Allow around 5 working days for the processing of an application after all documents have been submitted.

► Travelling to Mauritius should be undertaken only after the visa is issued.

The “Application For A Visa For Mauritius” form can be downloaded here

For locations where visa application can be submitted, click here.

Immigration Requirements And Conditions

A person applying for a Mauritius visa should ensure that the following immigration requirements and conditions are satisfied:-

  • holding a valid passport or other recognized travel document. The expiry date of the document should be beyond the date of departure,
  • having a valid return or onward passage ticket to country of origin or residence plus sufficient funds to cover cost of stay in Mauritius – a minimum of 100 US Dollars per night.
  • have a confirmed booking for accommodation in Mauritius or Letter of Sponsorship if sponsored by a Mauritian.

All these documents have to be produced to the Immigration Officer at the point of entry.

You may check for visa requirements updates on the  Passport and Immigration Office website.

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