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Rodrigues Island Airport, today officially known as Sir Gaëtan Duval Airport, was inaugurated in 1972.

It is the only aerodrome of the small island and the first aircraft connecting Mauritius to the airport was a leased six-seater Piper PA-31 Navajo from Air Madagascar by Air Mauritius. In 1975 the Navajo was replaced by a Twin Otter, configured to carry up to 16 passengers.

After extension work to the airfield and airport infrastructure, the apron can now accommodate two ATR 72-500 airplanes.

The Mauritius - Rodrigues air connection is maintained by Air Mauritius which operates daily flights from Mauritius Airport to the island.

Catovair, the second air carrier of the Republic of Mauritius and a subsidiary of conglomerate Ireland Blyth Limited launched its maiden flight on 1 September 2005.

The airline, initially operated two 19-passenger pressurized twin-engine turboprop Beechcraft 1900 before switching to a leased SAAB 340.

Two daily flights were scheduled to Rodrigues. Eventually the company ceased its activities in 2008.

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Shopping and Eating

The Rodrigues Duty Free Paradise Limited is an independent organization which manages the duty free outlet of the aerodrome. All departing and arriving passengers can find a variety of luxury items ranging from liquor, wines, chocolates, cosmetics, cigarettes, electronic items and perfumes.

At the entrance of the check-in hall local handicraft products are on sale at the SMEDA (Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority) outlet.

The opening hours of both the duty free and SMEDA shops are according to published flight schedule.

A food counter offering hot meals, sandwiches, dry foods, cold and hot drinks is available in the public hall for passengers and airport visitors alike.

Flights to Rodrigues Island

Arrival and departure flights information >>> click here to view.

Screening of Passengers

Passenger screening is done by means of X-Ray machines, Walk Through Metal Detectors and Hand Held Metal Detectors.

Pat-Down searches are also performed in accordance with specific procedures.

Airport Facilities, Car Parking and Public Transport

  • Banking and ATM facilities
  • VIP lounge
  • disability access
  • medical facilities to cater for medical related incidents and emergencies
  • free trolleys for passengers
  • public payphones

Parking slots are available for cars and coaches and access is payable. Parking fees are paid at the exit of the parking area.

To facilitate traffic flow in front of the terminal building, passengers may be picked up or dropped off at this area with a waiting time of not more than five minutes.

A public transport bus stand is located outside the terminal building and near Plaine Corail Police Station.

Buses operate between the airport and Port Mathurin, the Capital.

The first bus leaving the airport is as from six o’clock in the morning and the closing one at four-thirty in the evening.

It takes approximately a bit more than half an hour to get to the Capital through the Route de L’Autonomie on the following itinerary:-

Plaine Corail Airport Bus Terminal  »  Grand La Fouche Corail  »  La Ferme  »  Mangues  »  Quatre Vents  »  Petit Gabriel  »  Malartic  »  Malabar  »  Mont Lubin  »  Citronnelle  »  Solitude  »  Crève Cœur  »  Port Mathurin - Bus Terminal.

Taxi and a shuttle bus services are available from Rodrigues Island Airport for all scheduled flights. Travelers may be dropped anywhere around the island.

Airport Data

Location: Plaine Corail, Rodrigues

Former name: Plaine Corail Airport

IATA and ICAO designators: RRG - FIMR

Elevation: 29 m (95 ft)

Runway length: 1286 m (4219 ft)

Airport type: civil

Management: Airport of Rodrigues Limited

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