Travelling To Mauritius

Customs Information To Passengers Travelling To Mauritius

Duty free allowance for foreign visitors on international flights:-

  • Goods for personal use (appropriate wearing apparels and used personal belongings):-

Value not exceeding Mauritian Rupees 7,500

Other used personal effects:-

  • One portable musical instrument
  • One portable sound and or image recorder
  • One portable radio receiver
  • One portable video camera
  • One camera
  • One non-powered bicycle
  • One windsurfer and up to 3 assorted sails
  • Fishing equipment but excluding any type of gun
  • One sporting fire-arm with a maximum of 50 (fifty) cartridges (Note: A police permit must be produced on arrival.)

All items mentioned above must be taken along on departure.

  • Spirits:-

Not exceeding 1 litre

  • Wine, ale or beer:-

Not exceeding 2 litres

  • Tobacco products:-

Not exceeding 250 grammes

Note: traveller must be aged at least 18 years to be eligible for alcohol and tobacco allowances.

Restricted Goods:-

  • Drugs and Psychotropic substances
  • Arms and ammunitions

An approved permit is mandatory to carry these goods and they must be produced to the Customs.

Prohibited Goods:-

  • publications, films or video cassettes of obscene character
  • Underwater fishing guns
  • Sugarcane cuttings and plants
  • Live or stuffed animals


The above list is not exhaustive.

Carrying prohibited goods are liable to penalties and imprisonment.

Leaving through Green and Red Channels:-

  • Green Channel: travellers carrying articles (non-commercial) valued within the duty free allowances they are entitled to may proceed to leave through the green channel.
  • Red Channel: for travellers carrying articles valued above the duty free allowances they are entitled to and or restricted/prohibited items.
  • Commercial Counter: for commercial goods or temporary importation.

Note: it is a serious offence to fail in making proper declaration to Customs. This may lead to the seizure of the goods and or fine imposed.

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