Reunion Island Cilaos Excursion: You’ll fall in love with Cilaos!

Reunion Island Cilaos excursion itinerary:

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Saint Louis: The throughway from Saint Louis to the Cirque de Cilaos is an impressive meandering road of 500 turns along imposing peaks, narrow mountain tops and towering cliffs with breathtaking panoramic views. The journey is a mesmerizing one.

Cilaos: According to some historians, the word Cilaos has its origins from the name of a Malagasy slave named Tsilaos who took refuge in the caldera. It is a marvelous creole village nestled at 1220 meters altitude and reputed for its wine, thermal baths, lentils plantation and drawn thread embroidery.

L’église Notre Dame Des Neiges was built in 1858 and it derived its name due to its location at the foot of Piton des Neiges, a massive eroded volcano. Since then the Catholic church has undergone various construction projects. One main attraction of the church is its blue phosphorescent blue cross.

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La Mare à Joncs is a beautiful lake at the heart of Cilaos and located at 1200mt altitude. Aquatic plants such as papyrus, water hyacinth are abundant. You can also observe birds such as the poule d’eau (moorhen),  L'Hirondelles de Bourbon and the Cardinal. The Tilapia and Gueule rouge fish abound in the lake. Occasionally eels have been sighted. Mare à Joncs is a nice spot to stop by for a snack.

From the Belvédère of La Roche Merveilleuse you can have a magnificent vantage of Cilaos and the mountains surrounding it.

Îlet à Cordes is a tiny settlement located on a plateau and cradled by soaring mountains. It is a place reputed for its vineyards and lentils fields.

Le Gouffre is also known  as the Gouffre de L'Étang-Salé. It is a long volcanic rocky channel where spectacular waves from the open sea come crashing against the basalt cliffs in impressive torrents of white foams and sprays.

Étang Salé Les Bains is a beautiful fishing village with a long stretch of black sand. One major attraction is the strong waves crashing against  basalt rocks  and propelling water sprays in the air. It is a also a popular surfing spot.

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