Pointe aux Canonniers - 
(Gunners' Point) - Beach

The lively scenery of Pointe aux Canonniers beach is no different from that of Mon Choisy, but only the extension of an alluring littoral with balmy shades and picturesque countryside backdrops.

Pointe Aux Canonniers Beach, MauritiusGunners' Point - An Alluring Beach

One particular attraction near the soft white beach is the Old Lighthouse.

Erected by the British in a fort built by the French between 1775 and 1780, it was inaugurated in 1855.

The lighthouse formed part of an extensive defense system established by the French and later consolidated by the British to protect Mauritius from attacks as the island occupied a strategic position during the colonial era.

Later it served as a beacon to cargo vessels calling at Mauritius.

Its light was, however, turned off in 1932.

The Old Lighthouse, Pointe Aux Canonniers BeachThe Old Lighthouse

The lighthouse, now considered as a national heritage, is protected by law.

The beach is bordered by a chic village with cosy houses, luxurious villas and restaurants. Sumptuous retail outlets provide a more relaxed shopping atmosphere as compared to Grand Baie.

Pointe Aux Canonniers beach, MauritiusA Chic Village

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