South Mauritius - Furious and Beautiful

The coast of south Mauritius has exerted such a thrilling impression on me that words fail to really capture my feelings.

Beach Partying, South MauritiusTriathlon Competition and Beach Partying, Bel Ombre-Saint Felix

I still recall the joy and excitement I used to experience as a child when I visited my relatives at Souillac, a beautiful beach village named after Vicomte de Souillac - one of the island’s governors during the period of French settlement in Mauritius.

The tender swirls of the sugar cane fields’ strawy smell by stuffy sea breezes . . ., the chirping of birds, and distant buzzing of insects; all combined to arouse a sense of lingering well being in someone who mostly lived in the more temperate upland region.

And yes . . . there were plenty of fleshy and succulent summer ripened mangoes. I would regale at Telfair Garden - a perfect beach grove for picnic parties under the intense shades of banyan and tropical almond trees.

The melodious trailing rhythm in the village folks’ voices is something I tried to imitate. But I looked more funny than magnetic!

Andrea Lodges in South Mauritius

Andrea Lodges is a marvelous spot for nature lovers. A string of bungalow style rooms perched on the cliff with breathtaking view of the deep blue sea makes it a magnificent getaway place for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Honeymooners will be enthralled by its rustic and polished setting.

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La Roche Qui Pleure

The beauty of the southern coast of Mauritius lies in its swollen waves furiously crushing against craggy basaltic cliffs due to the absence of coral reefs.

La Roche Qui Pleure, SouillacLa Roche Qui Pleure near Gris Gris, Souillac (Photo: Arasen Moodelly)

La Roche Qui Pleure (literally: the weeping rock) near Gris Gris is a very attractive spot. The dripping of water droplets from the rocks after the surging waves have receded creates a weeping illusion.

At Le Bouchon and Le Souffleur the scenery is as spectacular, but access is more difficult as you have to pass through rock-strewn tracks across sugar cane fields.

La Roche Qui Pleure, South Mauritius

That part of Mauritius has kept its natural attractiveness. As you travel further south to Baie du Cap, Saint Felix, Bel Ombre and Macondé the roaring waves become more docile, but the landscape is no less gorgeous.

Strong underwater sea currents run along the south Mauritius coastline and swimming in the inviting translucent water is very dangerous.

Robert Edward Hart
, a Mauritian poet, was deeply influenced and inspired in his works by the magnetic pull of that part of the island.

A few kilometers off Surinam village the spiritual center of the Vortex at Riambel is a “must visit."

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